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Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
on the instability on mally. -- mali. >> i call this hearing to order. i will be joined by my friend and ranking member, senator isakson of georgia and we expect other senators to join but it is timely for us to proceed. i'm grateful for the support of the committee and hard work of my staff in making possible today the first time we will have a witness testify directly from a foreign country which is the subject of a hearing and i hope that will contribute to an ongoing process of trying to expand the range and scope of testimony included in these hearings. today's focus is on mali. there are three crises occurring there, security, political and a humanitarian crisis, all three of which threaten security in africa and require the attention of the u.s. government and the world. we convened this hearing to discuss a path forward to restore democracy, to reclaim the north, to stabilize the security situation and to address ongoing how -- humanitarian needs. i welcome senator isakson and thank our witnesses for sharing their insight and expertise. earlier this year, an ethnic rebelion staked its cl
Dec 7, 2012 9:00am EST
in mali with the assistant secretary a man did dory testifying on the situation. this is about one hour and 45 minutes. >> i will be joined merriman terribly by my friend and ranking member, senator johnny isakson from georgia and we expect other senators to join but i thought it was timely for us to proceed. i'm grateful for the support of the committee and the hard work of my staff in making possible today the first time we will have a weight has testifying directly from a foreign country, which is the subject of the hearing and i hope that will contribute to an ongoing process and trying to expand the range and scope of the testimony included. today's focus is on mali and as we speak there are three simultaneous crises occurring in mali, the security, political and a humanitarian crisis. all three of which in my view threatens u.s. interest in africa and requires the attention of the u.s. government and the world and that is why we have convened this hearing today to assess developments in mali and discuss about four to restore democracy and reclaim the north and stabilize the securi
Dec 11, 2012 2:30pm PST
, opponents and supporters of president morsi sig to the streets of cairo. >> the political crisis in mali deepens. the president resigned after he is arrested by coup leaders. clucks we begin here in germany where police in the city of bonn have arrested two people after a bomb scare. >> a metal case was found in a bag at the city's main train station on monday. they're still trying to determine whether or not there was any danger or determination. the culprits were identified by any school can -- by local school children. simon joins us with the latest. what doing about the investigation so far. >> one man has been arrested and according to reports second has been made. police are not commenting, but they say they are still looking for witnesses including one man in particular. they're continuing to examine the context of the bag found at the train station. the unconfirmed reports suggested contained butane gas, ammonium nitrate, an alarm clock, and batteries. what they have not found is a detonator. it's not yet clear whether this was a live ball or just equipment. >> what do we know ab
Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
by david coombs, bradley manning's of turning. the hearing on the republic of mali. >> the supreme court will look at what was passed in 2008 by a majority of 6-3. they're going to say that this president. >> they decided it was constitutional for them to establish i.d.s they did not say all of those states. >> correct. let me finish. you are misrepresenting what i am saying. >> when i hear these accusations that black people, voter i.d. laws a disproportionately affect us. if white people can go through all the laws, what are you telling back people? they are less than? that is what bothers me about rhetoric. we always have to make special --there has to be a specialist when we deal with minorities. it there too feeble mind it appeared we need to make concessions. they cannot follow the rules. we treat people like victims, i do not think they want to aspire. >> defense secretary leon panetta visited the walter reed medical center tuesday to celebrate the hospital's first anniversary. it was created out of the merger of the walter reed army medical center and the bethesda naval hospital.
Dec 21, 2012 5:30am PST
. at 1-year mandate for mali. the go-ahead for national troops. at no end, the standoff for washington. republican plans to avert a fiscal crisis fails to win back supsupport in the white house. at least 30 people have been killed in southeastern kenya. the deaths in the region are being blamed on tribal fighting between the two communities. more now from al jazeera -- nazanineazeera's moshiri. >> a victims are at least five children, five women. many people injured as well. enya's red cross says they have managed to evacuate 16 seriously injured to a town on the coast. they are still searching in the area for more victims. at the heart of this is land. this is the arid area, water is scarce. grazing land is scarce as well. the orma on the one side, her on the other side the pastor list -- the pokomo back in august and september, hundreds were injured and thousands were replaced. also part of this our politics. kenya is heading for a presidential election in march, 2013, and the political boundaries, the constituencies of this area have been changed under kenya's new constitution. peop
Dec 21, 2012 2:30pm PST
to be splashing out their cash. >> to africa, where mali's government has welcomed a decision by the united nations security council to remove islamist militants from the north of the country using military intervention. >> some have expressed disappointment that it could take up two years to deploy the regional force. >> the united nations said the move would designed to help the government take back territory from what it described as terrorist extremists and armed groups. >> in a rare display of unity, the united nations security council unanimously approved the deployment of a military force to help the government regain control of the country. >> mali is pleased with the adoption of this resolution. it shows the commitment of the international community to support mali in the suit -- struggle against terrorism and transnational crime, which threaten regional and international peace and stability. >> the aim of the mission is to push islamist militants out of northern mali. tuarig rebels and others exploited a military coup in march, taking control of 2/3 of the country. they impose str
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
are not in agreement as far as the settlement policy. >> still to come -- >> ♪ >> the war on music in mali. an artist escaping extremist radicals in the north. going south. now to a challenge named the the coldest day journey involving six months of crossing hostile terrain in temperatures of -90 celsius. trekking across antarctica. >> from the thames river, one of the most inhospitable places honored. >> antarctica is bigger than china. >> this is an immense challenge for sir reynolds. >> we take a dogleg that way and it's a $10,000 drop to the coastline. 2000 miles in all and arriving there before the end of winter. >> we filmed them training for this is very close to the arctic circle. two men will sit up front, checking for crevasses. two bulldozers will carry their supplies. here they are being aborted. -- boarded. three shipping containers will be modified. tdr have a living quarters inside. if anything goes wrong on this most dangerous journey, the inside these could save their lives. >> the vehicles aren't more of a potential problem than the people. difficult to breed or ski. but in the vehi
Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
sending troops to north mali, but they also want talks on reunification before the african-led force goes in. more from the un. >> the united nations security council resolution was a final diplomatic hurdles for the member states to consider. they can now go about discussing ways to deal with the country. specific language in earlier drafts have been taken out. it gives a lot of leeway and freedom to discuss ways they can help. they have been given all necessary measures for military intervention, but there are many questions and doubts about what kind of force could go into mali, who will make up these troops, where are they going to come from, how are they going to be comprised. the united nations secretary general has said he does not think it should come from direct you in finding. he prefers direct contribution -- from direct un funding. he prefers direct contributions. they are also dealing with weather conditions. this is not expected to be ready until october of 2013, which means continuing reports of human rights abuses could go on as well as concerns about increasing entrenchme
Dec 5, 2012 12:00pm EST
officer: without objection. mr. coons: i rise today to address a challenging situation in mali. mali is a west african country that stretches from the sahara desert to the niger area and is home to nearly 15 million people. yet it is not at the top of concerns for many americans. mr. president, this spring back in march a rogue element launch add coupe and forcefully overthrew a long-standing democratically collected government in the nation of mali, our ally. this may seem inconsequential to the average american, but it could have big implications for our security as well as that of our regional and global allies. because in the power vacuum that was created in that spring coup, al qaeda saw an opportunity and they stepped in. three different extremist groups all linked to or controlled by al qaeda in the islamic magra known as aqim now control an area the size of texas in the northern part of mali. they succeeded in fracturing a formerly stable democracy and contributing to broad security, political and humanitarian crises that i believe have grave implications for the region and f
Dec 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
consequences. what lessons would you suggest we learn? the best of times mali is a country in crisis. it is a country that ranks of the model of a dozen. the assistant secretary carson mentioned 90% of the population is in the south and that population is also in the need of services. the government hasn't included both in the delivery of services as well as the governments of the country the people of the north and although we have implemented programs in the north unless there is a connection between the government and individuals, the programs are not going to have the effect of people feeling as though they are a part of society. and so, there was an effort planned over the last couple of years where the development partners in tandem with the government, the central government would deliver resources to the north again with a government out in the lead and with the donors supporting. unfortunately, the pace of that was too slow and not very effective. another point moving forward i think is that we do need to concentrate on decentralization and making a connection between the go
Dec 21, 2012 7:00pm PST
, 2011 and jeopardized the operations. >> two rebel groups in malley -- mali say they will stop fighting. they condemned the u.n. condition to send people in northern mali. >> the bodies of 55 immigrant who is drowned off the coast of somalia have been laid out for identification. relatives crowded the hospital. survivors said the boat capsized into its journey to yemen. >> in kenya, women and children are among the dead after rival land fighting between farmers and cattle herders. >> in just a few hour this is slage was turn into a scene of carnage. the men who attacked the people here use guns and machetes to kill and maim. among the dead and injured are women and children. the people of the village belong to seminomadic people who roam the land with their farm. each side claiming water and grazing fields in the territory belong to them. >> i believe this is a time to blame them. we need teamwork so that we can be able to help ours from this fighting that we're in. >> the region could be one of the most valuable untapped agricultural areas in the country. but kenya just months away fro
Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm PST
fighting. -- in mali plus to stop fighting. the music video that there's no get away from. gangum style makes history. the dishes at two hours left to vote. after weeks of protest, two people have resigned. they said the central bank governor --mahmoud mekki said he was resigning. he realize politics does not suit him. this was persuaded to stay on until the referendum. it will get rid of the vice president. let's go to mike. what is the significance of this? >> if it proves correct it will be very significant indeed. this man has been the governor of egypt central bank for nine years now. only in the first year of his 04 year term. to this could have a major impact on the financial affairs. at the moment there is uncertainty about whether or not he has resigned. the prime minister's office has said he has not. we will have to clarify that in the hours to come. barry said against. egypt is facing economic uncertainty. the have come under immense pressure. there has been the issue that has been on the table for a number of months. this has been put on hold for a time. the governor of the
Dec 23, 2012 2:00pm PST
ready to sacrifice our lives. >> mali have started their campaign to restore a historical sites in timbuktu. the group began targeting it in july. they believe it is blasphemous to islam. they believe it is the group's responsibility. they called for international intervention to remove the rebels from the northern mali. as mullions say they have raided a hijacked ship and rescued 22 hostages held for nearly three years. some people are still being held hostage by somali pirates. after keeping been in suspense, mario monti has ruled out running in the february elections. he said he would consider leaving a future government is asked to. the as political parties not to destroy his achievement in saving the country from crisis. >> on sunday mario monti announced his plans for the future. two days after his resignation. >> i am not joining any specific party. i like the parties and the social class is to take home these ideas. or any other ideas. we need to come up with ideas. i hope the ideas here will be adopted by the vast majority of parliaments and also that it will bring new
Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >> thank you. >>> next to mali where the country's interim president has appointed a new prime minister. the announce came hours after the country's former prime minister abruptly resigned. here's the circumstance. soldiers behind the coop showed up and arrested him. i asked about the resignation. >> reporter: he about bankruptly resigned tuesday on state television a day after arrested bay group of soldiers loyal to a former coups leader. he was brought to a television studio and gave him in statement in which he offered his resignation. his whereabouts are unknown. an interim pm has been appointed. mali was regarded as one of the more stable democracies. now other partners are considering a deployment of an african-led military force to end islamist control in northern mali. >> thank you. >>> our fourth story "outfront," you could call this office politics at their worst which would be comical were we not talking about the cia and the agents that helped to track down osama bin laden. zero dark thirtity is a new movie about the raid and the back story to the movie is shedding light on
FOX News
Dec 1, 2012 1:00am PST
involving these three men from maly. operating in maly and ghana. our d.n.a. informant contacts one of the local thugs who is said to have some association with al qaeda and says hey, guy, i have got a coke deal. i have got to get cocaine, tons of cocaine from south america here to maly and guana and south africa and up to europe. you al qaeda help me. you al qaeda will become part of my drug empire. >> operation. >> so what happens is the guy was not an actual drug dealer. he was a sting, a dia operator. the main contact point the guy thought to have some communication with al qaeda in northern africa. he communicates up the criminal food chain. recruits two of his buddies, they make arrangements to transport nine tons of cocaine from south america to africa to europe. >> >> bill: al qaeda would get a cut. >> theoretically al qaeda would get a cut. >> bill: who arrests them? >> they are arrested. the informant is actually working for the d.e.a. and they, at the critical point as the d.e.a. and as the federal agencies the fbi and the others do, they take the -- they walk the snucky
Dec 3, 2012 8:30pm EST
, principally somalia, growing extremist network in libya across the region into northern mallly, and -- mali and then he regrowth of boko haram in nye jeer a, signaling the organizations. what i worry about anything, though, is rather than each of those individual organizations, while they are indeed dangerous and important, it is a growing linkage, a growing network and collaboration and synchronization amongst the violent extremist organizations which i think pose the greatest threat to regional stability, more broadly across africa, certainly into europe, and to the united states as well. and i suspect some of your questions will get to some of those details. there are lots of other challenges. the lords resistance army, and for those who know about the lords resistance army, it's a horrific organization. i've come -- the best way to characterize it, if you ever had any doubt as to whether there's really evil in this world, do a little research and see what joseph kony does. it will eliminate any doubt in your mind there's evil in this world and we have the ability to help the africans ad
FOX News
Dec 6, 2012 8:00am PST
an offensive in northern mali. why are they doing that? this region quickly become over the last year a magnet for islamic extremists. the u.s. would provide training equipment, transportation. a military operation of this type could begin early next year. we're only weeks away from the beginning of the year. give you context what we're talking about. extremist taken control of an area roughly the size of texas in northern mali. we have the director of the african program at the atlantic council. we talked about mali a little bit before. let's get more specific. why does mali matter so much? >> well, jenna, it matters for several reasons. as you mentioned this al qaeda affiliate has taken over the large territory. it is attracting foreign fighters from as away islamists from sudan, separatists from morocco and other places and these are not just, you know, run-of-the-mill extremists. they're wealthy extremists because of kidnapping for ransom over the last decade. they have piled up millions of dollars which they have spent acquiring part of the arsenal that muammar qaddafi left behind in liby
Dec 13, 2012 4:00pm PST
't happen again. >> and when you talk about al qaeda and where it is, mali is widely now seen as a safe haven for al qaeda, and is linked to, inspired by, whatever the words might be, does the united states have to intervene in mali? >> we've got to go after al qaeda, wherever the hell they're at, and make sure they find no place to hide. because let's not forget, the main goal of al qaeda is to attack the united states and we're not going to allow that to happen again. and if we're not going to allow it to happen, we've got to go after them. in yemen, in somalia and yes, in mali if necessary. >> and final question on al qaeda, how big of a threat right now, as you assess threat to the homeland, is al qaeda? >> i think we have significantly weakened their ability to do the kind of command and control and planning that would be necessary to conduct another 9/11 attack. at the same time, they still continue to threaten our country. and they still represent, i think, probably the most important threat we still face in the world. >> all right, thank you very much, secretary. "outfront" next
Dec 3, 2012 2:00am PST
. that means each participant will generate as much carbon dioxide as a resident of mali produces in five years! in doha, the participants will take buses, taxis and limousines to the conference center. the city is planning to use energy-efficient vehicles, but they'll still produce an estimated 200 tons of co2. and large amounts of electricity will be needed during the 12-day conference itself -- for lighting and air conditioning, for example. that's another 3500 tons of co2. then there's the refreshments served during breaks. and in the evening, the participants will dine in doha's restaurants and hotels. meat, coffee, wine -- it all has to be produced and prepared, and that adds up to another 800 tons of c02. the overnight stays at the hotel, with air conditioning, hot water for showers and fresh towels every day -- that's another 1800 tons co2. summing up, the twelve-day climate summit in qatar will cause a whopping 136,300 tons of co2. that's about the same amount that the mid-sized city of bochum in germany will generate during the same period of time. and we shouldn't expect much by way
Dec 12, 2012 2:30pm PST
right now. two days after the coup in mali, there is a new prime minister. the former prime minister quit on tuesday under military pressure. it is the second coup in the troubled west african nation this year. >> venezuela's president hugo chÁvez has undergone another operation for cancer. vice president nicolas maduro, who is currently standing in for the president, says that he is facing a complex recovery. it was chavez's fourth operation since he was diagnosed with cancer last year. >> a gun and in the state of oregon has opened fire at a busy shopping mall -- a gunman in the u.s. state of oregon has opened fire at a busy shopping mall. police believe he was acting alone. >> he brought indian music to the world and to the beatles. ravi shankar has died at the age of 92. in the india's prime minister manmohan singh has led the tribute -- >> india's prime minister manmohan singh has led the tribute. he has been called the godfather of world music. in many put ravishing car -- >> many put ravi shankar on par with mozart. he taught torturous and how to play the -- he taught george
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am PST
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Dec 23, 2012 4:00pm PST
calling for international intervention to remove the rebels from northern mali. they said that they have raided a hijacked ship had rescued 22 hostages. 123 people are still being held by somali pirates. keeping and italians in suspense for weeks, outgoing prime minister mario monti has ruled out running in february's election. he said that he would consider running the government in the future. we have this from rome. >> available to lead italy again, if needed. on sunday, italy's former prime minister mario monti announced his plans after his resignation. >> i am not joining any specific party, but i would like the parties to take home these ideas. these ideas or any other ideas. we need to come up with ideas. and i hope the ideas here, contained in the manifesto, will be adopted by the vast majority of parliament. >> he will not run directly in the next election or side openly with any parties, but he says he would be ready to leave the country again. on one condition -- the next ruling party follow the strict plan of reform set to bring italy back onto the path of economic growth. mo
Dec 24, 2012 5:30am PST
series of reform in must stop the violence within. al jazeera, moscow. the rebels in mali are once again destroying historical site since it up to. tourist officials say fighters last four of the city's mausoleums. they started targeting shrines in july to impose strict islamic low. the security council also rise in deployment of an african-led force to help recapture territory held by rebels. the specialist and west african politics who has researched al qaeda's presents says security and elections in the country depend on successful military operation. >> trying to operate a military action when civilians are the chain of command, the top, are divided, is very much a problem. the only thing is the alternative is much worse. because how are we going to bring the divided civilians together? ideally it should be through elections. but how you hold elections when 60% of the territory is lost? number two, there is so much insecurity. i for one feel if you hold elections these islamic groups who are destroying mausoleums and tombs will destroy the how do we ensure security? even if the work
Dec 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
.n. security council has voted to authorize a military mission to mali. rebels have seized power in the north of the country and they will send an african-led intervention force to take control. they have a mandate to use all necessary measures. . in pakistan, another vaccination worker has been killed. is the ninth person to die while distributing the drops in the country. the workers are being accused of u.s. spies. a new report into alleged human- rights violations and syria says there has been a dramatic increase in violence in the country's major cities and that the conflict is becoming increasingly sectarian in nature. it warns that more and more foreigners are joining both sides in the fighting. now to the ongoing controversy surrounding the attack on the u.s. mission in libya. today, representatives from the state department appeared before u.s. lawmakers. officials acknowledged that some very painful lessons were learned from the benghazi assault in which america's ambassador and three others died could this comes in the same week that a scathing report faulted management failures at
Dec 23, 2012 3:30pm PST
revolution, john, captures egypt, gaza, tunisia, north mali and soon syria. the revolution is at hand. >> obamacare and new a new and welcome urgency on gun safety and gun violence. >> mama. >> the accumulation of personal information on vast numbers of americans which was brilliantly exploited by the obama team to get out their vote and is going to be exploited by virtually every merchandiser in america. >> obama's campaign manager and the rest of the team for the ground game they pulled together which the romney team laughed at first. they are not laughing now. >> mark. >> thank you. magnificent. >> is this it? >> let's see what conac has given us. the biggest winner of 2012 vladimir putin. he overcame massive opposition protests, maneuvered through constitutional loopholes, served as president, then prime minister. and then when re-elected as president again of planet earth's biggest nation, russia. vladimir putin biggest winner of 2012. >> "biggest loser," pat? >> general david petraeus. cia most famous general of his generation caught in a honey trap and kwon. >> the nra national
Dec 25, 2012 4:00pm PST
parts of africa, where violence has become the norm. he prayed for peace in mali, harmony in nigeria and fighting in the congo. he prayed for leaders to carry out their commitments to fighting organized crime. the pope also asked for blessings on the new chinese leadership, hoping they will allow the noble chinese people, as he put it, to build a more fraternal society, allowing religions to make their contribution. the vatican's relations with beijing reached a new low earlier this year with the detention by chinese authorities of a new roman catholic bishop of shanghai, which had previously than approved. he gave his blessing in 65 languages. [cheers and applause] >> although he sometimes walks with a stick and is tushed on a traveling platform to save his strength when he fish yates at masses, pope benedict wears his 85 years relatively well. at times his voice may be slightly hoarse, but his determination to continue in office is unshaken by increasing age. "bbc news," rome. >> at least 27 people have been killed in a plane vash in southern kazakhstan. it was considering -- carry
Dec 19, 2012 11:00pm PST
as it reconsiders a resolution for international military intervention in mali. without a peaceful political solution, the groups say a military offensive could have serious humanitarian consequences. they're asking the council to implement five recommendations, including training of force and >> boehner went on to say the house will pass his fallback tax plan in a vote tomorrow. >>> the soldier accused of killing 16 afghan villagers in a shooting spree could face the death penalty if found guilty. today, the hearing was referred to a court-martial authorized to consider capital punishment. in a statement, his wife says she hopes her husband gets a fair trial, but now, no longer knows if it's possible. >>> and now, we have learned that ten ngos are cautioning the united nations security council as it reconsiders a resolution for international military intervention in mali. without a peaceful political solution, the groups say a military offensive could have serious humanitarian consequences. they're asking the council to implement five recommendations, including training of force and calling
Nov 30, 2012 11:00pm PST
president is warning tension in mali could backfire. locals could align with rebels. one group they are concerned about is al qaeda in the islamic maghreb. that's the group the international community has been trying to oust in that region. mark schroeder tells us that aqim is actually consolidating and getting stronger in the region. without international military intervention, mali's military won't be able to push them out. he told me he doesn't even have enough guns for his soldiers. >>> it's been 484 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing get it back? incomes and consumer spending fell in october. experts we spoke to said sandy had a significant impact on the numbers. >>> and new problems for susan rice. this is different than what you think i'm about to say. after weeks of criticism from republicans, she now faces scrutiny over her personal investments. stock holdings listed in her financial disclosure report raise a potential conflict of interest if she were to become a top diplomat. a conflict of interest, it's something democrats don't like. m
Dec 19, 2012 1:00am EST
. in mali, the islamists are tending to is -- consolidate their safe haven. and the subsequent rebellion with weapons from a libyan stocks in bamako have brought and stability. -- has brought instability. we can -- weakened domestic security institutions and civil strife create the kind of environment that terrorists are drawn to. libya has provided one such case where extremists can cause real problems for states undergoing difficult transitions. another example is syria. buckeye that and iraq six to establish there are working to hijack to suit their own extremist needs. last week we designated as an alias of aqi, already listed as a foreign terrorist organization. as they try to wrap themselves in the legitimacy of the -- to add to this list of challenges and to west africa, the factions continue to carry out attacks in nigeria and win recruits and public sympathy. the number and sophistication of the attacks has increased while the group focuses principally on local ledger in issues, there are reports it is developing financial links other extremists. i need to make something of a de
Dec 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
asked him where, he mentioned somalia, he mentioned yemen, and he mentioned mali. and mali has become, obviously, a north african country that's become what some say is now the biggest sanctuary for al qaeda. we, of course, were along the border there with rebels and refugees this summer and saw an al qaeda that was very much present and very much growing. the defense secretary said, when i asked him about whether the u.s. would intervene in mali, we're going to go wherever the hell they are, his words, and get al qaeda. so that's going to be a very big question for the united states, about what happens next, and whether the united states can be here in afghanistan, with 10,000 or 20,000 troops, and also dealing with yemen and somalia and perhaps some sort of operation in mali. back to you. >> mali also one of the poorest countries in the world. and i know you have taken great interest in that country as well. erin burnett, thank you so much for your great work. you can see more of erin's reporting from afghanistan and her exclusive interview with leon panetta on "erin burnett outfron
Dec 18, 2012 8:00pm EST
the events from the middle east and north africa have added a lot of complainingses to the picture. in mali -- are tempting to consolidate their safe haven. the return of exile fighters from the ranks gadhafi's army bads chris stevens and three others in tripoli on -- benghazi on september 11th. weak -- especially civil strife create exactly the kind of environment that terrorist are drawn to. libya's provided one such case where extremist can cause real problems for states undergoing difficult transitions to the democracy. another example is syria. there al qaeda in iraq seeks to establish a long-term dream. by fighting alongside the syrian opposition groups the members are working to hijack the longer struggle to suit their own extremist needs. last week we designated on the front of the ail yes, sir of aca i which is already listed as a foreign terrorist terrorist organization. as they try to wrap themselves in the legitimate sei of the we called it a warning to support the opposition to the syrian people and not help the terrorist group. to add to the list of new challenges, in west afr
Dec 20, 2012 8:00pm PST
approved a resolution to send an african led force to help mali oust the rebels who have taken over the northern part of the country. the resolution authorizes the military force to use all necessary measures to help the government retake the north. meanwhile tonight, we are learning president obama is stripping mali of certain trade privileges. a very tough time to do it but he's doing it because there has been a decline in democracy. >>> the economy, ours, that is, grew faster than anybody thought in its final estimate. the u.s. economy grew by 3.1%. that probably sounds big to you. i hope it does because it is relative to where we've been. it was 1.3 in the second quarter. that better than expected number is because of increased spending by consumers. the biggest ponzi scheme in history. peter madoff, bernard madoff's brother has been sentenced to ten years in prison. that was the maximum sentence he faced because he had a plea deal with prosecutors. he admitted to conspiracy, falsifying documents and lying to clients. his brother bernie is serving a 150-year sentence in a north
Nov 30, 2012 4:00pm PST
that have gone missing in northern mali and some apparently got into the hands of hamas and gaza. seems to be libya on steroids in terms of the thipgs that can go wrong. >> i think it's kind of ludicrous to provide them with surface to air missiles. i think what they need more than anything else is ammunition and small arms and really intelligence. especially with the internet going down, it's harder for them to communicate with each other. radios are down across the coun country. they need help in a range of ways. i think our intelligence apparatus and our special operations units can do this in general a have done this clandestinely over the years, so i think we can do this and provide some oversight. >> if we do it, will it have any impact on the outcome? the u.s. does think strategically. if i'm giving you a done, are cao going to do something for me. >> i think seth and i are a little bit closer than i thought. the question is whether that will make a difference i think on the margin, it makes a difference, but really, assad's greatest advantage is his air force and if we don't pro
Dec 26, 2012 5:00am PST
paz no puede morir para siria, mali y nigeria.mas en noticiero univision >>> la familia de bajos recursos disfrutaron de una cena de nochebuena grtszs a la bondad de un hombre que por 40 años reparte comidas y regalos a los más necesitados. este año, logro recopilar más de 5.000 juguetes y 3.000 escenas que hicieron que esta navidad. estuviera llena de felicidad en miles de hogares, en carolina del norte. >>> un accidente dejó sin hogar a una familia guatemalteca están agradecidos por estar con vida y mantienen la esperanza que un mil dpo les permita encontrar un lugar donde puedan volver a comenzar. tenemos la siguiente historia. el kalt de 3 niñas que sueñan con la na jay en esta época del año. mandamos una carta y sí va a venir. y una cobija. >>> un juego de princesa una falda. libros. mochilas. reflejan los deseos y netdzs de su familia la gente vio la noticia y la ejemplos nos trajo ropa. la estudiante de primer grado se refiere a la noticia del 29 de noviembre cuando en horas de la noche en un confuso incidente un autobús del servicio de transporte público cont
Dec 26, 2012 4:00am PST
there to hear pope benedict's christmas message. he condemned violence in syria, mali and nij ear wra. he expressed hope that arab spring nations, including egypt, will rebuild societies based on justice and tolerance. the pope also prayed china's new leaders will shington's ability to avert the fiscal cliff. on monday before closing for christmas, the dow lost 52 points, while the nasdaq dropped eight. >>> new taxes to help pay for the affordable health care act take effect january 1st. the average american won't be spending more money to the irs. the wealthiest 2% of americans and the health care industry will pick up most of the tab. >>> milk is a staple in every home, ask starting in the new year you could be paying twice as much for it. a government subsidy expires at the end of this year. unless congress extends it, the cost could skyrocket to above $7 a gallon, putting a major hirchlg on families already struggling to make ends meet. >>> bad news for retailers. holiday sales proved this year it was the weakest since 2008. one report put the increase at just 0.7%, are far below anal
Dec 1, 2012 8:00am PST
of the committee. to my left is supervisor scott wiener. supervisor maly a cohen is absent today. our clerk is derek evans. mr. evans, can you please give us the announcements? >> yes. please make sure all electronic devices are off, copies submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on december 4, 2012 san francisco board of supervisors agenda unless stated. >> thank you. we have six items on the agenda today. but i've been notified by supervisor olague, item number 5, she has urged us to continue that to item on the call of the chair. that is the resolution to remove all management proposals and activities derived from the sharp park conceptual restoration alternatives report's alternative a18 from the environmental impact report for the san francisco recreation and park department's significant natural resource areas management plan, and to consider proposals and alternatives for the future of sharp park golf course through a separate and complete california environmental quality act review process. so, even though i'll move to continue that to the call of the chair, we s
Dec 19, 2012 4:00pm PST
nations security council as it reconsiders a resolution for international military intervention in mali. the groups say military offensive could have serious humanitarian consequences. they're asking to implement five recommendations including training of force and calling for more assistance -- as al-qaeda linked and inspired groups have taken over the north of the country. >>> it has been 503 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. fitch warns it may downgrade if leaders can't make a deal on the fiscal cliff, the agency says failure could tip the u.s. into an avoidable recession. apparently what is needed is an increase in revenue and a cut in spending, which is what a fiscal cliff does. >>> tonight, connecticut is remembering the victims of sandy hook and residents are gathering to pay tribute. gary tuckman is in danbury and i know you are at a vigil tonight. >> well, that's right, erin. all oaf the world, we feel ainge wish about what happened here in connecticut, but nowhere is it more acute than in this small state and tonight, here in danbury, about 15 miles away, this is
Dec 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
the north. meanwhile tonight, we are learning president obama is stripping mali of certain trade privileges. a very tough time to do it but he's doing it because there has been a decline in democracy. >>> the economy, ours, that is, grew faster than anybody thought in its final estimate. the u.s. economy grew by 3.1%. that probably sounds big to you. i hope it does because it is relative to where we've been. it was 1.3 in the second quarter. that better than expected number is because of increased spending by consumers. the biggest ponzi scheme in history. that was the maximum sentence he faced because he had a plea deal with prosecutors. he admitted to conspiracy, falsifying documents and lying to clients. his brother bernie is serving a 150-year sentence in a north carolina prison. >>> it has been 504 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. i'm getting tired of this segment. i would like to it change but i'm not very hopeful given what is happening in washington. a lot of clown action down there. there was some good news on housing. sales of existing home hit a high, the best we'v
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